The all-knowing showers

I had a shower today. And LOTS of unanswered questions. They all were rhetorical so it wasn’t like I needed to get answers from someone else, I needed to give them myself.

So yeah, I had a shower. You know, when you’re rinsing your hair and warm, maybe even a bit hot, water is pouring onto your head and the whole body. And then you just pause.

And only the thoughts are rushing in your mind. And you suddenly understand that you need to keep this moment a bit longer cause it’s gonna lead you to the so long needed state of knowing.

You close your eyes or unconsciously stare at the same point without blinking so long that you finally see nothing.

But you hear your mind. And there you have. The answers to all those questions that have been keeping you awake during the night. The answers to questions, that you’ve been working on for hours but couldn’t find the correct answer.


You don’t need a bath to get that “Eureka!” moment.

A hot shower may also have all those answers you’ve been looking for. Just don’t forget to stand still. And listen. The answers will come.

Got some unanswered questions too? Go get a shower now.

*This post is not sponsored by your shower.

April 9, 2020