Taking the Most of Staying-At-Home Period

When most of the world is under quarantine and staying at home, I noticed lots of memes and posts about people getting bored. Also, there was one sad but good quote going on around the internet.

Our grandparents were called to war. We’re called to sit on the couch. You can do this.

But being at home is much more than just sitting on the couch!

As I’m writing this post, I’m already on the fourth day of quarantine. But two days before the official quarantine has started, we decided to take precautions and stay at home for the whole weekend.

So, six days in one place with the two of us always together. Is it a terrible thing or a chance to do lots of things?

I say it’s a chance to do everything we’ve been postponing and even more!

To take care of yourself, to rest and have a good night’s sleep, to finally clean those kitchen cabinets, learn a new language or even start your own business!

If you think I’m kidding and that’s too much, I’m very serious.

My list of things to do while staying at home:

  • Wardrobe clearance
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Make a painting
  • Watch tutorials and learn new things
  • Take care of your plants – give them shower, repot, fertilize
  • Plant seeds and grow a home garden
  • Style your bookshelves
  • Clean whatever needs to be cleaned (balcony, kitchen, etc.)
  • Do the tasks you’ve been postponing (like fixing curtain length)
  • Clean windows
  • Workout at home
  • Review photos and choose the ones to print
  • Cook something you always wanted to try out
  • Binge-watch a TV show
  • Take a bath and make SPA at home
  • Take care of your skin
  • Try out a new makeup routine
  • Do a self-reflection
  • Write a list of things that you enjoy doing (maybe ideas for a side-hustle)
  • Craft a plan to accomplish your dreams (and turn them into goals)
  • Learn a new language
  • Read a book, lots of them
  • Call your mom, friend, grandpa, and all the other relatives you want to chat with
  • Go for a walk (if that’s allowed)
  • Sleep and rest well

Remember, how many times you wished for a pause in life where you could catch up on all the things that needed to be done, could take care of yourself and just do what you want to do.

Well, this is the time.

This list is not just something that sounds nice. No. This is my personal list of the things I want to do while working from home and not being able to meet with my family and friends. Besides all that, I’m also working on my side-hustles, looking for ways to improve them, studying and working on my Master thesis.

For me, one of the most entertaining things to do from this list is learning a new language. I decided to try out Duolingo and… now I’m learning German. Never thought of that before but it’s incredibly fun!

The pause in life has started. Stay at home, stay safe and healthy. And remember, the time is yours now, my friend, make the most of it!