Taking it slow with Tealure

A couple months ago, on Christmas morning, my boyfriend and I got a present – white Tealure tea. I’ve never heard of that brand before but my mom told us she got that tea at one Christmas market and was amazed by the story of these teas. As someone interrupted our conversation, I’ve never asked why was it so special but we definitely tried the tea and liked it a lot.

Some time passed and another fair was held in Vilnius so my boyfriend and I went there to see what tasty pastries or snacks we can get. And there we noticed a stall with Tealure products. Of course we stopped by to see what other teas they have. The guy who was selling them, was the one my mom met and he was importing those teas and other products to Europe.

Apparently, these teas weren’t just ordinary teas. As part of the study program, that guy went to Nepal and learnt about local farmers who were growing tea plants and making truly high-quality teas. The guy decided that these teas could be offered to some countries in Europe where the supply of quality tea was low and then he founded Tealure brand.

So far, we’ve tried their white and black teas and a new product – kombucha. Both teas were nothing like the other teas I’ve ever tried. I like to drink them from a clear glass so that I could see all the tea leaves. And you know what’s great about them? All the leaves are full, not broken as they’re usually are, there are no small parts of tea leaves that flow on the bottom of the cup. Just perfect leaves!

Speaking of kombucha, Tealure has a wide range of them, five or six different tastes if I remember correctly. While at the market, we got three of them: original, with taste of rooiba tea, and with taste of coffee. Until I’ve tried these kombuchas, I’ve tried this drink a couple times but the taste was rather strange and I didn’t like it. However, these kombuchas tasted much better and the one with coffee taste definitely is my favorite one.

To make such high quality teas and kombuchas a lot of patience, precision and time is required. At the same time, when I’m enjoying these drinks, I also slow down and consciously think about all the flavours, tastes and the story of how this at first seemingly simple drink was made. I’m looking forward in tasting other Tealure teas (time for green one I think) and I’m happy they made me like kombucha so much!

March 24, 2019