Surrounded by Charms turns 2 y.o. !

Two years ago, on July 6th, 2017, I published my first post and the journey of Surrounded by Charms blog has officially begun. I still feel that fear and joy mixed together, the feelings I felt when I opened myself to the world for the first time.

At that time I was full of confusion, dreams and self limitations. I wanted to share so much but was afraid to open up. It was also the time when I felt quite lonely, living in London, away from my family and friends, and writing Surrounded by Charms was my kind of communication. Besides, I was also afraid that no one will care about this, no one will read and even if someone will read it, I won’t be able to write it for more than a couple of months – I was changing my mind quickly and used to get bored very easily. But here I am and here you are. Thank you. Truly, deeply, sincerely thank you for being here with me.

For me, writing is one of the most pleasant ways to spend the leisure, and contemplating various lifestyle topics together with sharing all the other things I love, is simply wonderful. I still can’t believe there are 39 pages and 230 posts I’ve written. I guess, if it was a book, it already be a decent one! Well, who knows, maybe one day it’ll actually turn into a book…

However, it doesn’t really matter how it will be, it matters how it is now. I’m still very passionate about noticing all the charms around me and it makes me incredibly happy to able to share them with you. Thank you again, for being on this journey with me, it means the world!

Cheers and be surrounded by Charms!