Surrounded by Charms is 1 Year Old!

Oh, today is one year since I published the first post on Surrounded by Charms and I’m incredibly happy to have you here with me!

Life Full of Charms

Since I started sharing my stories with you, I had to change my routine and step out of my comfort zone and this was the best thing that could have happened. Ever until this blog, I was living a joyful life but most of it was inside my comfort zone. On weekends, I used to do quite similar things, such as going out to the same spots, choosing similar activities or spending lazy time at home. But since I started this blog, I began doing things I weren’t used to. I looked for new things to try out so that I could tell you interesting stories. And it wasn’t only because of the blog, it was my decision to start living a life full of joy, new experiences and step out of my comfort zone. You know what? It was the best decision ever.

Therapy of Writing

However, all those experiences wouldn’t mean so much if I wasn’t sharing them with you. It’s one thing to do something but when you sit down with a notebook or a laptop and consciously think about it in order to write a story… Well, you come with such many thoughts and understandings, and when you put it all into a blog post, it sticks with you forever. Writing made me live more consciously than ever. After doing something, I come back to it after some time, contemplate what it meant and what it gave to me. It taught me to see the things I never noticed. And instead of just letting go, I make all those lovely moments to stay with me forever.

Thanks to You

Well, and thanks to you for reading all those insights and thoughts I come up with. Without you, this blog would be nothing. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that behind those screens, there is you, a person with whom I can share my stories. I hope that you also live a life full of charms and live those moments consciously.

Thank you for being with me!