Summer bucket list

Do you make your Summer bucket lists? I always do it! Even though I don’t like super hot weather, Summer is my favorite season. Long days, blooming plants, people hanging out until midnight… Best time of the year!

So, since Summer doesn’t last forever and I always want to enjoy it to the fullest, bucket lists are one of the reasons how I can manage to do lots of exciting things. I’m always curious to see what’s on other people bucket lists and if you’re too, here’s mine:

Weekend in Germany

Weekend in Palanga x 2 (or x3)

Kayaking with family

Kayaking with friends

Have a picnic

Spend a night by the lake (and have smores!)

Weekend in Poland’s seaside

Refurnish living room

Attend Culture Night event

Paint a painting or two

Make jams and chutneys

These are the things I truly want to do this Summer and hopefully I’ll be able to do so. Of course, some celebrations of family and friends will take part on a couple weekends and I definitely will want to spend some time at my parents or on the couch at home. But what matters most is that I want to enjoy this Summer and do things that make me feel happy. Who knows what else will happen!

June 4, 2019
June 10, 2019