Stationery of my dreams – MUJI

I always loved nice looking, usually hardcover notebooks, high-quality pens, colorful highlighters, and so on. Yup, stationery is my weakness, I admit that.

However, until now, I didn’t have one particular brand which stationery I’d always enjoy. Most of the time, it’s like one-at-a-time pieces that get my attention but not the whole assortment.

But then I went to Muji. When traveling in Bologna, we (me and Pavelas) accidentally passed by the Muji store and noticed some notebooks by the entrance. Stopped by. Went in. And spent more than an hour checking out all the cool things they have, and, heh, most of that time we were choosing our stationery. Got a bag full of notebooks (I think there were seven of them), lots of black and colorful pens, highlighters and other things.

Now, we went to Muji in Warsaw. Didn’t get as much stuff as last time but oh my god, their stationery is truly great.

So why is it so special?

In my opinion, Muji is marvelous at creating minimal and unisex design while also giving a strong character to each of its items. There are three colors that dominate in their products – grey, cardboard brown, and transparent.

Also, the quality of those products seems to be good. At least the paper and cover of notebooks that we got are truly good and the paper is pleasant to touch. Meanwhile, the pens and other writing materials are convenient to hold, are smooth on paper and simply nice to hold.

And besides all that, Muji stationery is also not expensive at all. Actually, by looking at the products, I’d expect them to be more expensive. Because usually, what looks good and is good, also costs a bit more than the average product on the market. Well, in this case, I was very happy about the stationery which fits my needs perfectly and is also more than affordable.

I used to dream about simple notebooks, not chunky highlighters and perfectly smooth pens. Now I know where to get them. And I already have plenty of them at home.

Muji, you’re the stationery of my dreams!