Some Jazz and Flowers

Have you ever thought how many weekends does the summer have? Not so much, actually… But those very last weekends are so damn charming! Especially the ones when the sun is shining and we can go outside, explore the city, get lost in the crowd and enjoy the vibes. This weekend was one of the best weekends lately, here’s why!

Jazz festival in Canary Wharf

When someone asks what kind of music I love most, I usually make an um… but the only answer I come up with is “It depends”. It truly is true, it depends on my mood so much that one day I listen to focus music created by AI (what style of music it is??), the other day all I can listen to is Italian country songs and the other day rap is all I need. Also, I some days love jazz so when we find out that this weekend a jazz festival will be happening at Canary Wharf we had to go there! Besides, one of my boyfriend’s favorite groups was playing there and it was incredible! (Go to the Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud and play any Riot Jazz Brass Band song before continue reading) These guys were awesome, their songs are so vibrant and passionate that I couldn’t resist dancing all evening! All I want to listen today are their songs and they make me feel superb!

Columbia Road Flower Market

Though I was living in London for more than a half year, never before have I been in Columbia Road Flower market before. Quite often I’ve seen articles, blog posts and posts on social media about this market but it seemed like just one more ordinary London market with loudly screaming vendors and crowds of tourists. Well, it is, but those flowers make this market remarkable! I was surprised about the prices too, not everything is expensive in London, that is why we’ve got ourselves three lovely cactuses and a bouquet of lavender.

Hackney Farm

After Flower market, we went to the Hackney Farm which felt like another world in the middle of metropolitan. Chickens were the first to meet us, then we went to the shed where we observed some lovely little pigs and their huge mom Mrs. Pig. In a paddock, a lot of ducks, few sheep, and two donkeys were walking around. Families were observing them and children were super excited about everything the animals did. It reminded me of my childhood and grandma, who was living in the countryside, she also had some chickens, a pig, and a goat, I loved to watch these animals when I was a child.

What makes this weekend even more remarkable is that I had quality time with my love and barely touched my computer! Looks like it is all I need to regain my energy and feel motivated for the upcoming week! What have you done this weekend? Maybe you know some lovely places around London where I could go next weekend?

August 18, 2017