Social media Marie Kondo

Have you heard about Marie Kondo? A superwoman who helps people to take care of their lives and get rid of things that makes them unhappy? Well, I saw the show with her on Netflix and watched intros to some of these shows, I haven’t watched them but heard her main message – if it doesn’t spark joy, you don’t need it.

Marie Kondo & Social Media

Are you thinking, what it has to do with Marie Kondo and social media? Well, the thing is, on social media we are bombarded with so many information, attractive accounts and all the other stuff that at the end of the day there’s so much useless stuff out there it makes us sick.

I myself used to love social media because it was the place where I could find inspiration, creative people and wonderful places. It used to be my source of life goods. However, lately, I felt like I’d like to delete my Facebook account and scrolling on Instagram was far from what it used to be. It simply was too much. Too many things that I didn’t care about anymore mixed with the ones I liked but all together they were destructive.

Therefore, when one day thought of adapting Marie Kondo principles on my social media came to my mind, I implemented it immediately (okay okay, it took me a couple of hours to unfollow hundreds of accounts). I started with Instagram as it was less crappy and unfollowed all the accounts that weren’t making me happy and then did the same with Facebook. It changed my attitude towards these channels completely! I’m a marketing manager so spending most of my day on social media working and then seeing shitty news on my own accounts made me dislike the channels. Gladly, this purge brought back my sincere interest and joy of using Facebook and Instagram.

Spark of Joy

Did I unfollowed close people in whos feeds I wasn’t interested in? Yes. And I’m not even sorry. I opened each account one by another and asked myself does this spark joy? if I was hesitating and couldn’t say yes immediately, I unfollowed that account.

It made these social media channels so much more interesting! Now I like to open even Facebook and check out the news – I haven’t done that for quite a long now, at least a year or even more. Still can’t believe that one simple question could change so much!

If you’re also lacking the joy in your social media channels, do the Marie Kondo technique, the difference is immediate!