Self-care practices beyond beauty

“You can’t pour from an empty cup” – this saying is widely known but how often do we remember that? Always hustling, we forget to take care of ourselves, well, at least I do, same as many people around me. However, since I began practicing conscious mindset, I also remember to take care of myself more often than I did before. For us, women, self-care usually comes in a type of beauty – manicures, skincare routines, and so on. But this time I thought about other ways of self-care, the ones beyond beauty. 

My most favourite self-care practices beyond beauty are:

A bouquet of flowers (or an alive plant in a pot)

Flowers have the power to lift the mood and make us feel happy. That’s why I simply love to get myself a nice bouquet of colourful flowers or a planted pot.

A slow walk

Even a slow walk makes our blood circulate better and breathe more intensively and that’s what is good for our health and mind. I especially enjoy it when the weather is pleasant and I can walk on a scenic route or at least have a cup of delicious coffee.

Planning a trip and buying the tickets

Oh, that’s one of my favourite self-care practices! Planning a trip and looking for travel destinations is thrilling itself but when it end’s with buying tickets… Oh, that’s wonderful!

Creating a visual of my future life

On some days when I feel full of dreams and wishes for the future, I like to pin inspiring images to my Pinterest Future Wishlist board or even print out the images and make a real visual board.

Celebrating the day with no reason

Another great way to take care of yourself is to celebrate even when there’s no relevant reason. Dressing up, putting on red lipstick, prepping a fancy dinner, lighting on candles and playing cheerful music… Love this!

Reading a book

Yes, yes, you definitely already know that reading a book is a great way to take care of yourself but have you tried reading while not at home? Read while at a café or in a park, or maybe you even can get into a hammock and read there? Look for unusual places, that brings reading into the next level of self-care.

Getting a massage

Mm… A good massage is always pleasant! Lately, I was getting massages quite often and I noticed that overall, I was feeling much better. My muscles weren’t aching, and I almost forgot how tension feels. So if you want to take care of yourself, try out a massage.

Being in the wilderness

One of my favorite self-care practices is definitely being in nature. Relaxing by the lake, listening to the birds chirping and trees swinging in the wind, with no distractions of digits, just being there at that moment and taking the best of it.

Going out

Anywhere. Going out to a restaurant for a delicious dinner, to a cinema to see an exciting movie, to a theater to see a thrilling play, or anywhere else. It always brings new experiences and is a great way to take care of yourself.  

Doing whatever I want the most at that time (if that’s possible)

Well, and of course, probably the best way to take care of yourself is to do what you want the most at that moment. Maybe all you want is a cup of hot chocolate, some cookies, and a romantic movie. Just ask yourself what would make you feel happy and do that if that’s possible (if not, find the best alternative).

These are the things I do when I want to take care of myself and feel better, happier or simply treat myself. Hope you’ll try out some of these self-care practices and you will remember to keep your cup mostly full.