Saying Goodbye to Perfectionism

A lot of people are chasing perfectionism and it happened to be this part of my life where I’m not an occasion. Whatever I do, wherever I go, I want everything to be perfect and I realized it does no good nor for me nor for others. I got myself thinking why, on one hand, perfect is… perfect! But on the other hand, perfect is, actually, not so good.

Why Is Perfectionism Good?

Well, I always want to make responsible decisions so I grabbed a piece of paper and thought intensively about the perfectionism. What is good about it? Obviously, it’s good to seek perfection, pay attention to the things you’re doing and make the final result as close to perfection as possible.

I tried to come up with more positive things about perfectionism but there was nothing else I could think of…

What Is Bad About Perfectionism?

However, when I was thinking about perfectionism, only negative aspects of it came to my mind.

First of all, perfectionism is devastating. It’s working on something without counting hours and taking breaks. Also, it’s forgetting about yourself and people around you. Moreover, it’s working on something without consciously understanding when the final result is truly final. Finally, it’s forgetting that sometimes, good enough is enough.

Moreover, seeking perfection is time and nerve consuming. When you have to meet deadlines, you can’t spend unlimited time working on some task. When you can’t decide when it’s done, you do your best to postpone deadlines and put yourself all in to reach that unreachable perfection. But you know what? There’s no limit to perfection, thus you never ever know when it’s time to stop unless someone else stops you and there’s nothing good about it. You waste time on unnecessary tasks and stress out because you know you’re taking more time than you should.

So Yay or Nay?

When I thought about all the pros and cons of perfectionism it was clear that it does more harm than good. Little by little, it destroys your mental wellness and your health as well. You simply lose yourself because of perfectionism and become a nervous, unbalanced person. No surprise, because of that, it becomes difficult for others not only to work with you but also to communicate with you. At least I become super sensitive and vulnerable. Every word can hurt me and I can repeat those moments many times in my head.

Because of all of this, I say “nay” to perfection and believe it’s all for good. I noticed recently that I was taking things too seriously lately and was seeking perfection for some time. Gladly, I understood this on time, before perfection hurt me like it did few times in the past.  That’s why I’m saying “goodbye” to perfectionism. If you feel it does no good for you too, I hope you’ll dare to say “goodbye” to it as well!