Presence Over Future: We Live Now

We live. Now. However, most of the time we forget this fact and pretend that we will live… in the future. But the future also doesn’t bring the feeling of living now. Unless we accept the presence and choose it over future.


The thing is, our whole concentration is on the future. We write our new year resolutions, we have hopes and dreams of what our lives should be like, we have goals for the future set by ourselves or others, we have agendas where we write every day what it is that we have to do… It’s all about the future. Our every day is about the future. Our all dreams, hopes and perfect lives are waiting, like a mirage, visible in our imagination, but so uncertain.

Where are we?

Also, what we forget is that we live now. Every second of our lives is precious. Every second of our lives is certain. We are. Here. At that moment. We are alive. There are no questions or doubts about the presence. It is real. We can control it. It’s up to us to take the most of that time or to be there but think about the future and let the moment go unnoticed.


Moreover, we live now. We have to enjoy the presence and all the little acts of kindness. There’s no time to wait for the future to make changes in our lives and to live a dream. There might be no future. Or the people who are in our lives right now might run out of time sooner than we hoped to show them how much they mean to us. Presence is much more important than the future, therefore, we need to accept this fact consciously and change our habit of being in the presence physically but in the future mentally. Less future, more now.

All in all, what if we could teach ourselves, little by little, to appreciate the presence? To choose it over future? Oh, I’m sure our lives would become much more pleasant and joyful! I’ll do my best to consciously live in the presence, I hope you’ll try to do that too. And right now, I’m consciously enjoying the feeling of writing. Cheers to the presence!