Preparing for the inspiring and promising next year

A new year always makes me excited. And this time, I’m full of motivation and willingness to make the next year the best ever.

My preparation for the next year is impossible without a planner. For the last couple of years, I was using one planner which was made for two years to last. It was the perfect planner but now I couldn’t find a planner like that. So I really wanted to find another planner which would suit my needs.

It happened to be that there was only one planner I honestly liked. Waiting till the last minute seemed too risky as it could be sold out. Therefore, I got my weekly planner for 2020, quite early, at the beginning of December. And I also started thinking of what I want to do to make the next year great. 

When it comes to yearly planning, I used to make my new year’s resolutions on the very last days of December or even in the first days of January. However, I found such goals as not good enough… They’re made in a rush and a couple of hours of thinking is a too short period to decide on what to focus your attention. Besides, now I find such goals quite random and that’s not good for a year to remember.

Therefore, this year, I drafted new year resolutions at the beginning of December. And was getting back to them lots of times. I wanted to make my goals strategically supporting each other. Helping me to fulfill my personal and professional needs. And, of course, also making me happy about all the thrilling things awaiting in 2020.

I thought deeply about what makes me happy in my life and what I’d like to improve. That way, I wrote very specific goals I need to accomplish. Also, I wrote dates for each goal and put them in a logical sequence. The goals included a wide range of my life, such as self-realization, entertainment, lifestyle, and financial plans. 

Having enough time to thoughtfully decide on where my attention will be focused on since the very first day of the new year is crucial to me. Besides, that time also allows me to figure out what goals I truly and honestly want to accomplish. And which ones of them are simply nice to have but don’t need to be on the list. 

Well, now there are just a few days left until the new year. I’m happy my resolutions for 2020 are all written down. I hope you too have your goals ready and won’t waste a day to make them come true. Let’s make the beginning of a new decade and 2020 the best year to come!

Oh, and remember, if your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!

December 30, 2019