The Praise of Slow Living

Those, who ever tried to practice a slow living, know how wonderful it is. In a world where everyone hurries and where we all have so much to do, a lot of people lose themselves and sacrifice their mental balance, health and all the energy. It happened to me too, I felt like I don’t belong to myself anymore. Gladly, around a year ago I started practicing slow living and now I simply couldn’t live my life in any other way.

About Slowing Down

Listen to the words – “slow living”. It’s just it. It’s all about living your life slow. We all need to change the way we live, rushing through life and thinking only about the future brings a lot of stress and destroys your inner balance. But what about today? What about this moment? We need to learn to live in today, not to overthink what happened in the past or what needs to happen in the future. Past is past and the future may never come. All we have is now and we need to appreciate it. Enjoy the moment and live it slow.

Slower Everyday

When I say that we need to live slow, I mean that we need to slow down everyday, every moment. We all get used to stressful mornings since we start going to kindergarten. It seems normal than once we wake up, we need to get ready as quickly as possible, get some breakfast and rush to the work. Wake up half an hour earlier tomorrow, take your time and get ready slowly. You won’t have to hurry anymore and you’ll see how different your mood will be during the day.

There’re so many ways to live a slower life everyday. Not only can you get up earlier but also go for a walk more often, have a gadgets free time, have quolity time with yourself and simply go back to basics. Whatever you do, concentrate on that particular moment and appreciate it.

Perks of Slow Living

I wouldn’t share the perks of slow living with you if I wouldn’t know how amazing it is. So yeah, it was around a year ago when I started practicing slow living consciously. Never before have I felt so happy about the life I’m living, the things happening around me and my personal relationship with myself. I simply am happy. Besides, I also learned how not to burn out when there’re more things on my to-do list than I can actually do and how to take care of my inner self and not to stress out. Oh, and now I have way better realtionship not only with myself but with others as well.

The process of learning to live a slow life is not easy and it takes time but it’s worth it! There’s no point of rushing through life if we don’t stop to appreciate it. I’m incredibly happy that I started practising slow living a while ago because I’m much more balanced and happier than I was before that. If you haven’t tried living slower, I wish you to try it out, this will be one of the best life changes you’ll ever have. 

March 5, 2018