Oxford Postcards

On a Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I got up pretty early because a trip to Oxford was waiting for us! I was a bit worried about the weather because, lately, it wasn’t very pleasant on weekends. However, this Saturday sun was shining and we couldn’t wait to see Oxford. Besides, after a long time, we had to meet my bestie who is studying there and she was our guide so we could enjoy the city to the fullest.

Once the bus arrived at the Oxford, I could hear other people making pics while still on the bus. The city was breathtaking! I felt tempted to do the same but I knew much more picture-worthy views are waiting for us. What I didn’t know was that there will be so damn beautiful! I made around 200 pics in one day and it was a headache to choose the best ones (they all were marvelous)!

The first thing we did in Oxford was a brunch because it was a must before a long day of walking, plus, my bestie invited us to eat at her college and we couldn’t say no to that! After the brunch, we went to explore the city. I literally wanted to make a pic of every corner and I almost did it. Most of the buildings there are incredibly old, they’re like pieces of art, similar all together but, at the same time, completely different and unique.

I’ve lost the exact number of colleges we visited but, according to my phone, it was six out of thirty-eight. We even visited the Great Hall of the Christ Church College where the dining scenes of Harry Potter movies were filmed (awesome!). Overall, being in Oxford felt like we were walking in one of those classic English novels, where all the buildings are delicately hidden behind the flowers and climbing plants and the gardens by the houses are sophisticated and evergreen.

In the afternoon, we went to a pizzeria called Mamma Mia. Delicious Italian food was what we needed to regain our energy. After all day wondering around Oxford, we were devastated and needed to rest a bit. Besides, if you’re an Italian food person, I recommend you to go to the Mamma Mia as well, great pizzas and pasta are served there!

Once we got on the bus, we both fell asleep immediately and slept like babies all the way back to London. It was a day full of impressions and we were mesmerized by the city. I’m so glad we visited Oxford during Autumn because it looked significant and the sunshine made it even more beautiful! And, of course, I was incredibly happy to meet my friend!

If you’ll have a chance to visit Oxford, you must go there! It’s an extraordinary place and I’m sure, you’ll love it!

By the way, what other cities in the UK should we visit?