One Question That Will Change Your Life

In the notebook that I use every day, I have found a wonderful quote “What it is that you want today? It is one of the most important self-care questions.” You know what? It truly is! Our lives are always in between ups and downs and we struggle to stay in the “ups” longer because we forget to ask ourselves this simple question!

We All Have Ups & Downs

In a daily rush, a lot of us get lost from time to time because of lack of attention to ourselves. When I have my “downs”, it seems like everything is okay but I am missing something inside and feel empty. Being moody and not knowing why it is so, affects my relationships with family and friends because I get irritated easily, cry without any reason and want to be left alone. It is easy to do nothing until I feel completely broken but it would be much better if I could eliminate some of those “downs” and have more “ups” in my life.

Stay Present

When I read this question, “What it is that you want today?”, I instantly understood that this is it. This is the question that can help me if only I will ask this myself every day and do what I really want. I am not speaking about some tremendous wishes that would have to be fulfilled every day, it would be vanity and it would make my downs even deeper after some time. What I have in mind are simple, easily doable things for yourself. It might be a wish to read a book, take a bath or visit some place. Simple as that. It would not be too expensive or taking too much time, just simple wishes that could be fulfilled easily and would make me happy.

Keep Asking

I was pretty sure that by asking myself what I want can help me enjoy the present more and take care of myself so was practicing this daily questioning routine for the past few weeks. You know what? It made me a different person! I am not counting days until weekend anymore, I am counting hours until I will get home and will do something for myself. Besides, my life became much more interesting because I am actually thinking what I want to do.

Only by enjoying the moment we can stay positive, energetic and happy, and this is what matters most. Life is too short to spend it taking care of everything but forgetting about yourself. So ask yourself, what it is that I want today? And do it. Do it and be happy.