My Summer Bucket List

When everyone is making their summer bucket list, I decided to make my own as well. Last weekend we spend with friends at the seaside and I enjoyed that time a lot. This made me realize how fast time goes and that summer might go unnoticed if I won’t have more moments like the ones we had this weekend. That’s why I decided to make my summer bucket list. This summer has 13 weekends, three of them already passed so I have 10 more left. Plus all those lovely evenings when something special can be done as well.

So what’s on my summer bucket list?

  1. Go on a day trip to Kaunas and visit the most beautiful places around it.
  2. Host a meeting of long-time-no-see friends
  3. Enjoy a day outside with family
  4. Have a picnic date
  5. Go to the seaside with friends
  6. Go to a concert outdoors
  7. Go kayaking with family
  8. Host a BBQ with friends
  9. Do a day trip on bikes
  10. Go to the escape room
  11. Watch a movie outdoors
  12. Go on a weekend trip to Poland
  13. Spend a weekend at SPA
  14. Go camping with friends in Labanoras National Park
  15. Fly abroad for a weekend
  16. Go on a weekend trip to Latvia
  17. Go to the adventure park DinoDragon
  18. Spend a day in my hometown as a tourist
  19. Host a game night
  20. Ride a horse along the beach
  21. Go on a stargazing date
  22. Go to water amusement park WakeInn
  23. Have a boat date in Neris river
  24. Go supping
  25. Go on a holiday for a week with family
  26. Go to the VU Botanical Garden
  27. Attend a classical music concert outdoors
  28. Set up coffee dates with old friends
  29. Fly kites in the park
  30. Go on a train trip
  31. Go on a yacht ride in a lake
  32. Go to a fair

And some things that take time

Also, I want to develop some new skills this summer and improve myself as a person. Therefore, I’m made a list of habits and other things that I’m going to work on.

  1. Appreciate the moment
  2. Be kind
  3. Be conscious
  4. Write a personal gratitude journal
  5. Become a better cook
  6. Learn to find creativity whenever it’s needed
  7. Create stronger bonds with the friends I have now
  8. Make new friends
  9. Learn from mistakes
  10. Develop a habit of reading
  11. Follow your dreams

There’s quite a lot of things I want to do this summer but even if I’ll manage to do at least half of them, this summer will be incredible. Actually, it already is, and that’s why I want the rest of it to be so great as well. What’s on your summer bucket list?

June 10, 2018