My journey to dream career path

Over a year ago, I was thinking a lot about what my dream career is. At that time, I was working with a wonderful team in a position that suited me well. And studying for a master’s degree.

Some days were incredibly hard for me. Managing a full-time job and attending lectures (even though they were online), was not easy. I remember, how I began contemplating once again if that’s what I honestly want.

Working five days per week, 9 to 6, having a 1-hour lunch break, with 4 weeks per year to do whatever I want. Also, having to work even when I have a migraine… Or eating warmed food instead of fresh one because, as an introvert, I feel often anxious eating out alone.

Then, one day, I honestly asked myself – is this what I sincerely want to do for the rest of my life?

With a marketing master’s degree, my next step is only up. Having my own team, taking more responsibilities, and working for the goals of stakeholders.

Without a doubt, my answer was no.

With all those rules and limits, I felt like a bird in a too small cage.

I wanted to work hard but on my own terms. Being able to take a day, or two, or even four off when I had a migraine. Being able to go on spontaneous trips with the family. Choosing the projects I find interesting. And, most importantly, seeking my own goals and not someone else’s.

So, a day before my birthday, last June, I gave my resignation notice. It was the best gift for myself, even though I had to leave the best colleagues I ever had.

The plan I had was to finish my studies and get that diploma.

And the dream plan was to find a job where I could be free and creative and earn the salary I want.

Deeply, I knew that my dream job is only possible if I freelance. But for four months, I was searching for a position in a company that would match all my criteria and I would match theirs.

May came to an end. And I still didn’t have a job.

At that time, what I wanted the least was to meet with friends, family members, and other people, who always asked if I already have a job.

After nine months of not working, I still had my criteria high. I also had a strong belief, that I want to love my job. I don’t want the job to be a different part of my life. Many people I know spend their days earning money and resting in the evenings. I wanted my job to be my life. Not working to live but living to work was my aim.

Well, and at the end of May, I was tired of all the interviews, all the morning coffee times spend reading job descriptions and sending applications.

I decided to give a try to that freelance career.

One morning, I wrote three lists: pros and cons of working for a company, pros and cons of freelance, things I want to do and things I don’t want to do.

After a few minutes of writing, it was clear, that freelancing would make me much happier than working for a company. And with the things I want to do, I saw clearly what services I can offer as a freelancer.

So I created myself a brand, made a website, a portfolio, social media accounts, and began looking for clients.

This year, I wanted to gift myself a long-term partnership before my birthday. To mark a serious new start and the beginning of my dream career path. And I did. Can’t tell how incredibly happy I was because of that.

Well, and my main source of clientele areFacebook groups for freelancers.

I must admit, that when I made that pros and cons list, the thing that scared me most about freelancing, was finding new clients.

But once I tried it, I found nothing scary about that. Besides, most clients are looking for long-term partnerships. This means I don’t have to always search for new clients since I already have permanent ones.

At the end of June, I had another exciting day. I sent invoices. Would lie if I said it wasn’t a bit scary. But sending emails to clients asking if they’ll have more orders this month or should I send them invoice was… A dream come true.

And in terms of money, I don’t earn as much as I want/need to. Yet. But the first month of freelance was better than I expected. So I’m going not to let this opportunity of working for myself and will do my best in the next months and, hopefully, years.

What I want you to know is: life is short, and we spend our best years, days, and hours working. Doing the things that make you happy AND earning money while doing that is the best feeling. Changing course is scary. And it was a really long journey for me too. But finally being here, where I am now, makes me incredibly happy that I didn’t give up. So wish you a job where you can be yourself and enjoy every moment of that.