My favorite post work​ treats

Working 9 to 5 and having fun only during weekends can be exhausting and I believe we deserve to have good times more often. That’s why from time to time I do post work treats to keep myself happy and feeling well. How do I treat myself after work?

SPA time

My most favorite postwork treat is going to a SPA and getting a whole body or at least a back massage.  Actually, a recent visit to a SPA inspired me to write this post. SPA is a very calming procedure itself but it’s more than that. Since I began going to Thai massages once every two months, I noticed my body feels much better and back pain is almost gone even though I prefer to choose not medical massages but the SPA ones, where massage is done in candle lights and nice smelling oils are used. These procedures make me feel wonderful and if I could, I’d be happy to enjoy it every week.


Another post-work treat I love is getting my nails done. Before the appointment with my manicurist, I spend some time on Pinterest, looking for the nail art inspiration and this process itself is calming and relaxing. Well, and light girly chat and joy of seeing your nails getting more and more charming feel great. Taking yourself is always good but manicure is one of those periodical procedures that I always look for.

Cup of Coffee and a Walk

On nice, sunny (and sometimes rainy) days, after work, I like to walk home on foot. Of course, walk by a hustling street wouldn’t be very pleasant so I prefer to choose scenic routes, grab a cup of coffee and go home slowly, enjoying the surroundings and being in the present.

Dinner out

I’m one of these people who don’t like cooking so I’m always happy when I can eat out, have a delicious meal and don’t care about the dishes. Therefore, another postwork treat I like a lot is having dinner at a nice restaurant.

Pamper Session

The last post work treat that I enjoy quite often is a pamper session. Getting back home after a long day at work and spending some time in the bathroom, taking care of my skin, applying all the lotions and creams… Oh, I love this so much! One of the best ways to regain powers quickly.

These five post work treats are my favorite ones and they make me not wait for the weekend so badly. A half an hour or a couple of hours of selfcare after work and here I am, alive and full of energy again! When you’ll be feeling like needing a treat after work, try out one of these, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!

June 14, 2019