Mornings With Brewed Coffee

There’s something wonderful about mornings. It’s the time when everything starts again, the world is ready for new adventures and so are we. I always enjoyed mornings but especially wait for the weekend. Only then there’s no rush, just me and my coffee ritual.

Sacred Mornings

On weekend mornings, while my love is still sleeping and the rising sun fills our home, it’s time to wake up and enjoy the sacred morning. Without any hesitations, I jump out of bed full of excitement, ready to take the morning slow but take the most out of it. This is when I work on my dreams, look for inspiration and write a journal. And I start it all with a coffee making ritual.

Coffee Ritual

Those lovely mornings wouldn’t be so glorious without a perfect cup of coffee. And a perfect coffee starts with the beans. I always pay a lot of attention to what kind of coffee I buy. Mainly, it’s because I don’t add sugar, just a little bit of milk. Therefore, I need coffee to be a little bit sweet itself, strong but not bitter, and have something pleasantly unusual in it, a hint of nuts for example. When I have time, I go to the specialized coffee stores to get the coffee beans I’d enjoy but sometimes I’m in a rush and need to get it at the local supermarket. Gladly, there is some great coffee as well. Once I tried Vero Cafe roasted coffee beans for home and since then always get their coffee beans at supermarkets. It simply has everything I’m looking for in coffee. Besides, there are four different kinds of beans and they all are superb.

I always start weekend mornings with a coffee making ritual. I call it a ritual because I use Moka pot to brew my coffee. It’s my favorite kind of coffee making because it’s slow but simple and a little bit extraordinary. Besides, the coffee tastes completely different when it’s brewed this way. It’s rich in flavor, smooth and aromatic. Even though it takes some time, it sets a perfect mood for a slow morning.

Awaken Creativity

On those mornings when I’m excited to work on my dreams, a cup of coffee is what wakes me up completely and also awakens creativity. This is when I come up with new ideas and work on the old ones. It’s the time when I can free myself from all kind of boundaries and hesitations and work on what matters most with inspiration. Of course, my enthusiasm helps a lot but the coffee making ritual and the energy boosting properties of coffee are what helps me a lot to be creative and concentrated.

Mornings are always magical but when they’re full of sunshine and there’s a cup of well-made coffee by my side, they’re wonderful. This is when I enjoy the perks of slow living and come up with inspiring ideas that keep me moving forward.