Mood lifting activities

Life can‘t always be perfect and it‘s always either an up, down or a middle. But we can make some changes which are especially needed when we‘re in that down. Ways of cheering yourself up, lifting the mood and getting better sooner are what I want to share with you. 

I‘m one of those people who absolutely depend on the mood – if I‘m in a good mood, everything is perfect, but when I‘m feeling bad, it feels like my whole world is falling apart.

That bad mood the situation is definitely not my favorite one and as a person who likes to take the life into my own hands, I also always try to cheer myself up and to feel better.

One of the best ways to make me feel better is by doing some sports. Recently I signed up for a gym membership and they have a swimming pool so I found out swimming works marvelous when it comes to mood-lifting. But jogging, yoga or simply a nice walk can make my blood circulate faster and to make myself feel alive.

Another way how I lift my mood is by cooking a delicious meal while listening to uplifting music. Some positive lyrics and energetic sounds together with the process of cooking can do wonders! 

On the days when don’t feel like moving or tasty food will make myself feel better, I like to do a pamper session followed up by an inspiring movie. What do I do for the pamper? Cleanse my face or whole body, apply some masks and creams and after all that I make a cup of tea or cocoa, get into bed and watch an inspiring and positive movie. 

When none of the mood-lifting ways seems to be suitable for the kind of mood I‘m having, a meet with a close friend can be the most effective. I think it‘s because of some days I simply am so drained out that I need to get energy from someone else (call it being an energy vampire if you want). Even being together with someone we feel comfortable with can be all we need to feel better. Go for a walk, have a cup of coffee together or just talk – it all can help to feel better. 

The last way I make myself feel better is for sure my favorite one but I can‘t use it too often because… it‘s trip planning, which includes getting tickets, so it‘s much more expensive than all the other mood-lifting activities. But this one is incredibly good and keeps yourself entertained for quite a while (finding the flight, hotels, planning the whole itinerary… it all takes time). Choosing this method is like turning yourself in a good mood within seconds.

Well, so this is what I do when I feel moody and want to get myself out of that unpleasant state of mind. It happens that I almost always vary between these five options and almost always they help (if not, then my boyfriend or parents somehow make myself feel better). If you‘re also getting into the bad mood sometimes, try out these mood-lifting activities, I‘m pretty sure they should work for you too!

September 19, 2019