Making moments last forever

Do you also recall some memories as pictures in your head? Or maybe you noticed that if not those pictures, you probably wouldn’t even have that memory? Well, I definitely have some memories only because of the pictures taken at that moment.

Travels, dates, evenings at the beach, family gatherings, growth of a dog (or a plant)… There are so many moments in our lives that we want to last forever! Even the most casual ones actually are unique and will never be the same. Every moment of our lives is special and we all want to save some of them forever. At least I do…

However, the way we collect those moments nowadays is much different from how it was done in the past. A simple camera with a tape and limited amount of pics that can be taken. And then every single shot became a real picture, not only shades on the tape but an actual picture. How do you take pics now? If you’re like me, you’re probably using your phone or digital camera, take unlimited amount of shots, upload them to your computer from time to time and… Forget all the pictures that aren’t published on your Instagram account.

But even in this unromantically looking situation one extra action can be taken. The digital image can be turned into a physical one. 

I remember how around eight years ago I had many images on my computer that meant a lot for me and my family. It was pictures from our holidays, cozy evenings together, of our dog when it was little… And one day the computer died. Together with all these pictures. I cried, my sister cried and our dad still remembers that we’ve lost all those precious moments. From that day I decided to take care that it wouldn’t happen again. Not only I keep all the pictures not only on my computer but also in the portable drive and from time to time go through the images, choose the loveliest ones and print them.

Now when I want to remember some nice moments, I take the box full of pictures and go through them, replaying all those moments in my head and making sure they’ll never be forgotten. Besides, I also love to view pictures with my family or friends and remembers the precious moments together. 

So… What did I want to say? Make the moments last forever!