Lovely pics! What’s your camera gear?

Whenever I see a good-looking photo I wonder, what camera gear was used for that shot. And I get asked quite often about the gear I use myself so… wonder no longer, the answer is here!


Since the beginning of Surrounded by Charms, I was using my boyfriend’s camera – Sony NEX R5. This camera is great and I took lots of wonderful shots with it. I really like how simple and easy it is to use it. Besides, even though it’s not the newest camera, it has all the needed features such as various shooting options and remote control. Also, this camera is charged via cable. I’m not sure whether it’s an advantage or disadvantage but at that time it was perfect for me.


In the Summer of 2019, I decided to get a new camera. The previous one was still working great but it is my boyfriend’s property so each time I dropped it I felt terrible… Usually, I keep my tech safe but not cameras, they’re dropping all the time.

So the new camera I got on more than half a year ago is Canon EOS M50 with a 15 – 45 mm lens. From all the cameras I chose this one because I was looking for something not too expensive and suitable for both taking pics and filming videos. In the end, it happened to be this one.


I couldn’t say that the pictures’ quality is significantly different in these two cameras. However, at the beginning of using it, I was very confused about the charging. I was used to using a cable for charging and it was a perfect way for me. But once I began using this camera and got two extra batteries, I knew I’m safe with it forever. On a daily basis, one battery is more than enough to take pictures. But now when travelling I’m sure I’ll always have my camera ready no matter how long I’ll be using it.

For casual lifestyle photography, these two cameras are perfect. Super simple to use, quite light and small compared to some other cameras. The main lens is all you need unless you want to play around with more than one lense and upgrade your camera game.

A Little Extra

Camera gear is not everything when it comes to good looking pics. Of course, it is important. But no less important is the photo editing. Yup, that’s right, photo editing. There are two apps I’m using to enhance the beauty of the shot: Snapseed and Lightroom.

I kind of use one of these apps at a time, depending on what I’m looking for. Snapseed has lots of great settings that can be used to retouch and fix little disadvantages or to add nice effects. It is super simple to use and completely mobile friendly. Tap around and make the pic look fabulous!

The other app I use for photo editing is… drums, please! Lightroom! I’ve tried using desktop version Lightroom but since I transfer pics from camera to my phone, it’s just too time-consuming to edit them on a pc. That’s why I love using Lightroom app. The good thing is, it gives you lots of various settings and is very convenient to use on a phone. I also have some presets saved that I use on my pictures to make them in the same mood. And the same can be done in Snapseed.

If you’re not using these apps, I suggest you try them out and see for yourself what capabilities they have and which app is more suitable for your needs.

Well, and this is it. All my secrets of taking good-looking pictures are now revealed! If you’re also looking for a good but not expensive camera, try out the Canon EOS M50 cause I’m really happy about it!

February 28, 2020