Looking For Inspiration

It’s a must to start a new season with something special, something that would inspire to aim for more and to be your best self. That’s why my weekend and autumn started with an amazing Balenciaga exhibition and a proper dose of oldies but goldies!

Balenciaga Exhibition at V&A Museum

Balenciaga’s, one of the most iconic designers, the exhibition was open at V&A Museum in London for a while and I knew I need to go there just wasn’t sure when. Well, the time has come! As one of my beloved friends was visiting London for a few days and we decided to go this exhibition together because I always was an admirer of a great design and she just loves fashion. It literally was one of the best exhibitions I’ve ever seen! There were pieces that Balenciaga created when he was just starting establishing his fashion house but even those pieces looked so modern and appealing like they were created nowadays. I was amazed by every design, they all seemed so simple but, at the same time, I saw a precious design and how he played around with the fabrics. It was fascinating and I felt the eager to sew clothes again. What I needed most for the new season’s start was some inspiration and what I got was a bunch of ideas, inspiration and that inner energy of self-believe that keeps me moving forward no matter what. Thank you, Balenciaga!

Smells & Spells of London Markets

When you’re going to the market, you never know what you’ll find there but you can be sure that there definitely will be something that will surprise you. As a person who’s constantly seeking for inspiration and creative minds, together with my love, I headed to Spitalfields, Brick Lane, and Backyard markets. I love the vibes of London markets! There always are a lot of vendors selling handmade items, vintage or sometimes things you’ve already seen in tourists shops but the synthesis of their items together with the crowds and the smells of street food followed by buskers is splendid. This time we’ve seen many inspiring sellers and outstanding people shopping around, a man with a Bolivian hat selling latex masks, another man in a cellar selling animal carcasses, the other one singing on the street and thanking people for participating in his show, and a lot of others. All markets are similar but at the same time you never know what you’ll find there and that’s why I enjoy them so much!

Autumn Reading List

One of my autumn goals is to read more books, two books each month, to be particular, so I was thinking where should I start and decided to start with two books that I already had but hadn’t read them yet. One of them is Silva Rerum IV, a novel by a Lithuanian author Kristina Sabaliauskaitė. I’ve read previous books written by her some time ago but, since Christmas, I couldn’t finish this book so I’ve already started to read it from the beginning and hope to finish it soon. Another book that I’m about to read is Freelancers Manifesto written by Joey Korenman. This book belongs to my boyfriend and he was telling me how many great tips and insights are told in it so I think it would be interesting for me as well.

The first weekend of autumn was exactly the way I needed it to be, time to meet the next week’s challenges!

August 21, 2017