Living Consciously

How often do you do something without thinking? Grocery shopping? Going to work? Cleaning? Well, I did this. Not so long ago, most of my days used to pass like this. Routine was above everything and even though I thought everything was okay because I had some great time which I enjoyed, I wasn’t living consciously.

One conversation made me realize how much I let go unnoticed, how many things I do without asking myself if this is what I truly want. Now I know what I want.

To be living consciously.

After that eye-opening conversation, I actually tried to be in the moment more often, to make conscious decisions and to question what I was about to do. It all showed me how happier my daily life can be because of this and how I can be who I truly am. Routine and comfort made me forget all this. But now I’m conscious, more than ever.

I’m intentionally enjoying the process of writing it all to you, I feel the taste of the tea I’m drinking and the even surface of the cup. I completely differently spend time with my loved ones now. Even when it seems to be the same, my conscious mind is also there, not thinking what awaits tomorrow, but paying attention to the people I love and soaking in all those precious moments.

Is it easy? No. At least not yet. But it’s worth it. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed, let go unnoticed and forgot simply because my mind was somewhere else. Step by step, I’m learning to live the moment consciously and it’s enchanting. You should try this too.

November 28, 2018