Life Lately

It’s been a month of silence on the Surrounded by Charms and I know some of you were wondering where I’m gone. Well, there were quite a lot of stuff going around for some time now thus I’m writing this blog post.

Some time ago, we moved into a new home and it took some time to decide whether we’re going renovate it or not and if so then how far should we go? Well, the renovation, done all by ourselves, began in August and almost every spare minute of mine I was dedicated to shopping at DIY, watching videos about how to do stuff (wall painting and things like that) and actually doing the dirty job of home renovation. My goal was to have it all done by the end of August because then we had to go on vacation and starting from September a new chapter of being a student again had to start (I got into Marketing and Integrated Communications Master’s program! Yay!).

So… The renovation is still not finished because it’s so much more difficult than on those videos I’ve watched but the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen so all good. Also, it’s already been ten days since we came back from Italy (all the details about our trip will be shared ASAP) and from that very first after-vacay day my non-stop studying began. Literally all I’m doing now is getting up in the morning, getting ready in an hour and going to work, after work I go to the lectures and I’m home at 9:30 – 10 pm, most of the time with a headache, starving and my only need is to get into bed and sleep… Not very romantic, right?

However, now I feel like I can take my life into my own hands, do some planning, reviewing my routine, adjusting it a little bit (okay, not so little actually) and managing to do all the things that are important to me again. My main issues now are that I have no eager nor energy to cook and without eating properly there’s not much I can do… Also, I think it would be a great way to stay away from all the screens (sorry, phone and laptop) and have some fun quality time with myself. Also, I need to go to the gym more often because when working in an office and sitting during lectures, there’s definitely not enough movement for me. Well, and of course, sharing my content on this blog is also incredibly important for me. That’s why I must find that perfect schedule to be able to do it all without having to sacrifice too much.

Basically, the past month was like huge chaos where I was trying to do my best, always on a rush and not feeling very well about it but now it seems that the time has come to calm down and put everything in places.

Stay tuned, my dear, there’s so much more to come!

P.s. And to cheer myself and of course you up, I’m sharing some of the shots from our wonderful vacay (they’re so much better than those real chaos moments).

August 20, 2019
September 27, 2019