Let’s Get Ready for the New Year!

I’m one of those people who literally love planning and when the new year is about to begin I’m super excited about making plans and goals for the following year. I noticed that having a list of goals I want to achieve helps me to stay motivated and work towards them. Also, during the past couple of years, I learned a lot about long-term plans and I want to share these lessons with you guys!

Making SMART Goals

I remember how my very first new years resolutions looked like – lists of things I want to achieve and habits or skills I’d like to develop. However, these goals weren’t actually goals because I didn’t know how to make so-called SMART goals at that time. Because of that, I couldn’t know for sure whether I accomplished them or not. Once I find out about SMART goals my new year’s resolutions became much better.

So I highly recommend for you to keep your goals SMART as well. Make your goals:

Specific – what will you accomplish?

Measurable – how will you know when it’s done?

Assignable – who is responsible for making it happen?

Realistic – can you achieve it?

Time-Bound – when will this be accomplished?

Aim for Challenges

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the saying ‘Dream big’ many times but when I’m planning my new year resolutions I prefer to aim for challenges. Every year I ask myself what do I sincerely want to accomplish? I love those goals which look a bit scary because these are the ones that will help me grow and will be the most satisfying once achieved. When making resolutions, I write down all the goals that come to my mind, even the ones that sound a bit silly. If you’ll do this as well, I’m sure you’ll write down some goals that actually are habits and can’t be made in a SMART way. Habits are incredibly important in our daily life as well so you simply must make some wishes related to them as well. However, you should keep your goals and habits lists separately. I usually make one list that is SMART and the other one which is more about my habits and lifestyle.

Action Plan

Having a goal is great, but you must have an action plan in order to achieve it. I divide my long-term goals into a bit shorter periods, like quarters, months and weeks. Then I think what steps I should take in each of these periods and write down a specific action plan for the first quarter. Once you’ll have the final version of your action plan, write down these actions into your agenda. Having an action plan by my hand helps me to remember my goals even after few months pass and to keep up with making my dreams come true.

Don’t Wait for the 1st of January

It depends on when you’ll make your new year’s resolutions but once you’ll have it  – don’t wait any longer and start executing them right away! The moment you have your resolutions written, you’re the most motivated and ready to act so why should you postpone the execution of your goals? Act right now!

New Years always start with hopes and plans but most of the people forget that they have to work on their dreams consistently. Make the next year extraordinary and live the life you truly wish for. I just finished my own new year’s resolutions as well so I want you to do the same! Get ready for the next year!

Oh, and how do you make your new year’s resolutions lists?  Cheers!

December 20, 2017
January 4, 2018