Let the Silence Be Your Friend

There was a day when I got myself thinking – why are we always running away from silence? Why do we see it as a scary thing and do our best to fill it with noise? The moment I had this thought, I decided to let the silence be my friend.

Unexperienced Silence

I don’t know about you, friend, but I know about me. The Silence was an unexperienced perk for me lately. I was filling it with noise whenever I could. Listening to podcasts from early morning, then switching to focus music while working, listening to the radio while driving and watching tv or videos before sleep. As you can imagine, the silence was truly unexperienced for me.

For some reason, I used to find silence disturbing. I wasn’t comfortable not hearing something around me or listening to my own minds. I even think I was afraid of it, however silly it sounds.

What Changed

The moment when I consciously understood about my unhealthy or at least weird relationship with the silence, I changed my behavior completely. I decided not to fill my mornings with noise and spend them by listening to my own thoughts. Also, I don’t work with focus music anymore. Instead, when I’m writing, I listen to my mind flow only and when I’m doing technical tasks, I listen to podcasts. However, I’m still listening to the radio while driving but I spend my evenings in silence.

The Perks of Silence

Oh, I hope you already know how wonderful the silence is! However, if you’re avoiding it just like I did, let me tell you what you miss. Never before have I noticed so many lovely things around me and was so productive. But most importantly, now I have a much better relationship with myself. By letting my minds flow and paying attention to it, I became more self-aware and creative. Also, I don’t feel uncomfortable when being in silence anymore and don’t even want to fill it with noise. I’m just happy with it!

Silence used to be some kind of enemy of mine but gladly it changed. I wish I experienced it earlier but it’s better now than never, right? Oh, I hope you’ll also become friends with the silence and enjoy the perks of it. It’s truly life changing!