Learning to Unlearn

Recently I got myself thinking: why we all tend to look for difficulties when it’s simple? Whatever kind of problem it would be, even when the solution seems obvious and easy, we look for ways to make it difficult. It looks like we need to unlearn what we already know if we want to improve our lives.

Limits of Mind

From very early days of our lives, we’re being taught. In most cases, of course, it’s good that we have guides but in other cases, instead of helping, it creates limits of our minds. Therefore, we forget to think. We simply take things the way they are and the way others told us it must be but don’t question them ourselves.

Also, we’ve all been told that nothing good in life comes easily. Because of that, we’ve learned to see things much more difficult than they really are. Maybe because of this we make it difficult to achieve our dreams? Instead of simply taking an action we create many pre-tasks and sub-tasks and eventually end up with nothing.

Well, there’s no doubt that because of what we’ve been told about life, we see it in that always-difficult way. Our minds become limited and stop us from living our simple and pleasant lives.

Unlearn What Stops You

We need to free our minds from all those silly limitations and start living a simple and significant life. Therefore, we need to question all the rules. Whatever it is that we’re doing, we need to turn on our creative mind and look at it from a different perspective. Maybe there’s another way to do what we’re doing? Maybe it could be done easier? It’s impossible to forget all the rules we’re following through our daily lives but we must be conscious about what we’re doing and don’t follow them blindly.

Besides, we need to look at the basics if we want to make things as simple as possible. Basics are the essence, nothing too difficult, nothing spectacular. If only we could unlearn all we know and follow the basics, there wouldn’t be any difficulties in life. We just need to allow things be simple and they will.

Learning to unlearn can change our lives for the better. We need to look at it as a pleasant game that frees our imagination and mind and at the same time makes our lives much easier. Leaving all the silly rules behind and starting to see things in the light of simplicity can help us live our dream life so why not to try it?