Language learning is the new leisure activity

If somebody would have told me that learning a language can be fun, I would have laughed. And if I knew, I will be learning new languages simply because I enjoy it, I wouldn’t believe it.

When the first quarantine started in Spring 2020, I downloaded Duolingo.

With no friends to meet and no proper entertainment, I began learning German.

Every morning, every lunch break, every evening I was reading, spelling and memorising the strange sounds and words I’ve never new before.

I liked that. A lot.

With the right tools and motivators, Duolingo got me. Today is the 430th day how I’ve been learning languages for my own fun.

I didn’t take it seriously at first, but somehow, I managed to learn enough to understand German speaking content creators on Instagram. Also, I now watch movies and TV shows on Netflix in German. With subtitles, for now. But I see the progress and it’s incredible.

Currently, I’m learning three languages simultaneously: German, Spanish and Russian. I knew some Spanish from the tv shows I used to watch with my grandma. And Russian I was learning at school, bet never actually got it.

Now it’s one of my favourite ways to spend time whether I’m waiting in the car, want to do a quick break, or simply read a story before sleep.

And I got a German workbook from the library, so now I read aloud, most of the times in the balcony. My neighbours might learn some German too.

However, the thing is, learning a new language is fun. Especially when you’re doing that just for yourself, don’t have any tests, exams or serious deadlines. And with the tools we have now, Duolingo, Instagram, workbooks, are just a few of the many options. So what I suggest you is to start learning a new language yourself.

P.s. If you’ll use Duolingo, befriend me there, my username is doliuk3.