How to live a life that makes you happy

I always want to be happy and I often am but, honestly, I’ve never asked myself this question before… Even when I wrote it down as the main headline for this blog post, I haven’t asked myself what’s the answer. But that’s the reason why I love writing these blog posts so much – it liberates my mind and makes me think about so simple yet important questions.

So how to live a life that makes you happy?

Before answering, I want to ask you to think of your own answer to this question, okay? I just think it’s us ourselves who can give the best advises that suit us.

If you’ve read the post I’ve shared on my birthday, you know what are the things I wanted in my life. Being true to myself, honest and brave and so on. Well, it all leads to happiness. And since my birthday (which was just a couple weeks ago) I was kindly practicing these promises and following them as the rules of my life.

Whatever I was about to do, I asked myself if it’s something I actually want to do. Well, it turned out there was quite a lot of things I would normaly do even though I don’t want that. And it also turned out that simply by saying no (to myself or others) I didn’t have to do them. This made me feel so much better and happier lately!

Also, same goes with the things I want to do but for some reason don’t. I used to be and still am quite strict to myself. If there’s something I want to do but it’s not truly necessary, I often wouldn’t allow myself that (imagine getting two scoops of ice cream). Well, now I act differently – if it will make me feel happy and won’t do much harm (two scoops of ice cream per day every day can harm both wallet and body) then there’s no reason to decline it.

So, getting back to the question of how to live a life that makes you happy, my answer is as simple as that: if there’s something that will make you happy do that and if it’ll make you unhappy, say no. One happy thing leading to others will make your life into one big happiness!

P.s. But some downtimes are also an essential part of it so act the opposite sometimes.