Hello, 2021!

Hello my dear! Can you believe the year 2021 is finally here?

As always, I’m very excited about this new beginning and hopefully year when we’ll be able to live more freely again.

It’s never a proper 1st of January without New Year Resolutions, right? Well, at least that’s how it is for me.

This time, I’ve been doodling my way to the things I want to do and the goals I want to reach.

In my opinion, there’s no good in sharing all the goals I set for myself because I don’t want you to think you also need them. Only we ourselves know best what goals we should be setting. But there are some things we could do together!


If you’re reading books and need some encouragement, support, or ideas on what to read, find me on GoodReads and send a friend request. I started using this platform actively recently and would love to follow along with you too. I challenged myself there to read 30 books this year, what about you?


Duolingo was definitely one of the best things that happened to me in 2020 and now it’s my new daily habit to spend at least ten minutes learning German. But since the German course is almost over, I also want to go through all Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian classes. I’m not sure if I’ll be capable to do all that because I care more about the quality than the quantity but at least I’ll try. So if you’re up to learning a new language or two, find me on Duolingo as doliuk3.


Well, and I also intend to write more blog posts as well as to try out some new topics that are relevant to me and I believe you could find them interesting too. Since I don’t use newsletters and love Instagram, I invite you to follow SurroundedbyCharms Instagram account where I’ll be sharing all the news as well as dear moments.

Please don’t be shy and join me on this journey through the 2021. I’m pretty sure there are exciting things waiting along the way!


December 5, 2020