Habits I’m Adopting

It was a while ago since the last time I challenged myself to adopt new habits and thought it was time to do that. Therefore, I reviewed my daily life and routine and made a list of habits that could help me improve. So here’s a list of habits I’m adopting…

Stay on a Budget

Another habit I’m adopting is staying on a budget. Since we moved into our new home, we had to purchase a lot of stuff and it was quite expensive. Then we had some celebrations, booked everything for vacations and… It also wasn’t cheap. And I reviewed my spendings and was surprised where I spend most – on cafes and restaurants. Well, there’s always something where money can be spent. However, I have future plans that will never come true if I won’t plan my finances and stay on a budget. So this is exactly what I’m going to do from now on – have a limit on the money I can spend each month and stick to it.

Preparing Weekly Meal Plans

Lately, my boyfriend and I haven’t been very organized when it came to food. We were going to the groceries store without a to-buy list, were buying food recklessly and therefore throwing away too much of it. After seeing quite a lot of food thrown away and understanding how much we spend on food that won’t be eaten, I decided to end that. So I’m going to adopt a habit to prepare weekly meal plans that should help us to eat the food before it’s expiry date and to buy groceries wisely.

New Dish Every Week

To make weekly meal planning more fun, I’m going to cook a new dish every week. It’s because I was preparing the same dishes for a while now and got used to them. Because of that, I rarely get excited about the dish or be surprised. There’s not enough joy left in cooking. That’s why a new dish must be tried out every week. I’m sure it will make me enjoy cooking again and find new tastes.

Reading Books

Another habit that I’m adopting is reading books. Even though I’m reading every day, it’s all online. During the last year, there were just a couple of books I managed to read till the end. Besides, almost all those books were about marketing so it’s more like my duty to read than a pleasant leisure activity. But I’m going to find joy in reading again. I already signed to a local library and got myself three books (one of them about marketing). I’m reading all of them every day and, so far, it’s going great, maybe I’m gonna hit my reading record.

No Thoughts About Work After Work

To adopt this habit is going to be tough. However, I really need it because, lately, all I was thinking about was work. No matter if I was preparing to go to work, at work, back at home or falling asleep, I was thinking about the tasks I need to do, rethinking all the meetings and contemplating what I could have done better. Because of this, I felt full of stress and tension. So now my aim is to develop a habit of not thinking about work after work.

Consciously Enjoying Life

Well, and the last habit I’m adopting is to enjoy the consciously. Actually, I was and still am quite good at this thanks to writing this blog but sometimes I caught myself not appreciating all the great things around me. Therefore, I decided to concentrate on this habit again and to do my best to consciously enjoy life.

So this is it, six habits I’m adopting to make my life better and to enjoy it to the fullest. Even though they seem quite simple and easy, it’s hard to focus on all of them at the same time. But I hope I’ll manage to adopt them all finally. Wish me luck!

August 21, 2018