Goals For Personal Growth – August

As long as I can remember, I always had set my goals for the upcoming year. At first, they were childish and foolish but, as I got older, my goals became more realistic but still ambitious. Though I have found it difficult to set and pursue goals, covering all important aspects of life so I have started to set monthly goals and the most important ones are related to my mindset and well-being.
It took me a while to consciously understand that without peaceful mindset and right attitude nothing else matters. If my mindset is unbalanced, I will not keep on the right track and probably will give up everything that I was working on. Because of that, every month I think about my relationship with myself and set goals that would help me to keep the balance and harmony.
I noticed, that lately, I was not enjoying my life the way it is to the fullest. Maybe it was because some major changes in my life, I was also feeling a little bit lost and disappointed because I was working really hard on my dreams but was not reaching so wanted results. At the same time, I was very demanding on myself and that also led to disharmony and self-hesitation. So, after evaluating my state of mind I have set three goals for August that should help me regain my balance and improve my personal growing:
Goal No. 1: Consciously enjoy your life the way it is.
Goal No. 2: Do not be over-demanding for yourself.
Goal No. 3: Pursue your dreams without hesitations (even when it seems like a complete failure). Hope, I will manage to reach these goals!