Freedom is not granted

These days, I try to avoid listening, watching, and reading the news. It hurts too much to know what is happening very close to my home, just across the border, in Belarus…

Raised with freedom

I am Lithuanian, and since the early days, my parents and grandparents raised me as a person, who values freedom and knows it is not granted.

My home country regained its freedom only 31 years ago. And it finally happened because people didn’t lose their hope. Because they didn’t give up.

And those 31 years ago, all Baltic countries stood together literally holding hand in hand, hoping it will mean something. Hoping, it will get their freedom back.

Soon after that, it truly happened and I was lucky to be born and raised in a free country.

Events in Belarus

However, these days events in our neighbor country Belarus hurt me a lot.

I can not not imagine, how desperate they must feel, how many people are hurt mentally and physically, and how it can happen at all in the nowadays world.

But at the same time, I am glad they finally stood up. And no matter how terrible things can go for some of them, they are brave and dedicated to change their country for the better.

A few days ago, on August 23rd, we, Lithuanians, formed a human chain from the Cathedral of Vilnius to the border of Belarus, showing our support and solidarity with those fighting for their freedom.

Freedom is not granted

Only now I truly understand the reasons why I was raised to value freedom so much. Why I heard so many stories about the times of suppression and all kinds of aims to be free. Why my grandfather and my parents felt sad when I wasn’t coming with them to celebrate our day of Independence or the day of regained independence.

Now I know, that freedom is precious.

There are people who want power more than anything and they are ready to do terrible things to make it happen.

This is why education, clear mind, right values, and courage matter so much. Without them, freedom can be taken too easily.

May the freedom be cherished and preserved, because it is not granted.