Every body is perfect

A couple weeks ago, I was walking back home from work and noticed a woman who looked so beautiful and radiant that I kept thinking about her even when I passed her.

Actually, I was thinking about her relationship with her own body. I could tell that her body wasn’t like the one society thinks is beautiful but she didn’t care. From the way she walked and looked, I could tell that she accepts her body the way it is and simply loves it. That’s why she was glowing and looked so self-confident and peaceful.

At the same time, I also thought about my own relationship with my body. How often do I look at the mirror and feel good about my figure? Not so often, unless it’s early in the morning and my tummy is still flat. But if I give a better look at myself, I always notice the arms that aren’t getting thinner or my inner tights. The waist also doesn’t look as good as I’d like to. But are these the reasons I should feel bad about myself? Always keep thinking that I shouldn’t eat this or that or lose a couple of kilos to look better?

After such confusing thoughts, I played a came of observing people who passed me. I compared bodies to the standards of what is considered beautiful and tried to guess if the person takes himself as he is. Ten minutes of this game I was convinced that all that matters is a person’s own attitude towards its’ body.

Since that day, I was trying to change my own attitude and see good instead of bad. When looking at the mirror, I tried to see a beautiful woman and eventually I saw her. With some imperfections but still beautiful. I found what body parts of mine I like the most and concentrate on them more than on the imperfect ones. However, this all made me figure out that every body is perfect, you just have to believe in yours.

Body positivity is very important in nowadays world full of social media and fake beauty. To that woman on the street – thank you for that glow which didn’t go unnoticed. Because of you, I admitted to myself that I need to love my body more and that we all are perfect, we just have to believe that.

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April 19, 2019