Empowering new hairstyle

When I was in the second grade, my mom was dying her hair wine red. I asked if she could dye my hair too. And she did. My six years old sister and eight years old me were the only girls we knew that had strands of deep red hair.

Ever since then, I was experimenting with my hairstyle. Cutting them at various lengths. Trying on fringe, then hating it and waiting for it to grew back, and then having it again.

Dying my hair red wine color again for my fourteenth disco theme birthday. Then wanting to go a little bit blonde so that my black beret would look better on me (and so that it would be more noticeable) but turning ginger instead. Then trying to get my natural color back, having two bleached strands that literally crumbled in a couple of months, and so on…

After school, I haven’t dyed my hair and swore I’ll do that only when my head will began turning grey.

However, if you stayed with me for the past year, you already know, that I couldn’t wait that long and had a wonderful stylist to dye my hair dark blonde balayage.

I loved the light hair on me but lately was feeling the need to try something new once again.

The hair I never tried before was short blonde.

So that’s what I did! Wasn’t sure if I’m ready to say goodbye for my quite long now hair but cutting them short felt incredible.

I could say, that never before was I so happy about my hairstyle but the truth is, never before finding my amazing stylist was I so happy about my hair. Having a professional that understands you, knows what suits you, and offers advises when needed is a real hair game changer.

My dream hair was created by Meistras ir Margarita studio in Vilnius, and the applause go to senior stylist with the same name as mine – Dovile.

Well, and if you feel like your hair are not your dream hair yet, put some effort and go find your hair master.