Embracing the Fear of Unknown

Sometimes, I notice myself being afraid of some things. It’s the fear of unknown. I find it quite funny and sad, don’t you? On one hand, I don’t even know what those things are and I’m already afraid but what if those things are truly marvelous? Well, because of that, I decided to embrace the fear of an unknown and to share my insights with you.

Are You Comfortable?

Oh, I’m pretty sure you, just like most of the people, are living a comfortable life! See, we all prefer being in our comfort zones and do our best to stay in them unless life makes us step out of it. There’s nothing wrong with the comfort zone itself, the problem is, that we stay in it for too long and as the time passes it gets more and more narrow. By not challenging ourselves and always being where we’re comfortable, we make it extremely difficult for our future selfs to aim for more and to expand that comfort zone.

I myself am quite good at staying inside my comfort zone but as I saw how difficult it became for me to do some simple things, I decided it’s enough. My life depends only on me so I must take actions because no one else will. That’s what I think you should do as well. However, that’s not easy.

The Fear of Unknown

Expanding comfort zone and living our dream life is difficult because of the fear of unknown. For some reason, we are afraid. We’re afraid of things we never did. We’re afraid of things we imagine. We’re afraid of things leading us to our dream life. That fear has no reason. Yet it’s so common that many people prefer not to fight it and stay in their comfort zones.

When there’s something we need or should do but we’ve never done this before, we imagine that something in our minds. Most of the time, those imaginations are unmotivating and fear stimulating. This is how many of us decide that it’ll be better to stay inside the comfort zone.

But hey, what’s the point of staying inside your comfort zone? What if all those imaginations aren’t true and you’re missing a marvelous part of your life only because of imaginable fear? Well, this is what made me embrace the fear of unknown.

Embracing It

Once I decided to embrace the fear of an unknown, I started with all my deepest dreams. I asked myself, what do I truly want from life? The fear of an unknown was stopping me from making my dreams come true. It had no reason, it just was like that. So I wrote down all the dreams that came to my mind and decided to seek them with no fear. I live only once so why should I be the one who stops me?

Little by little, I managed to step out from my comfort zone and expand it at the same time. Actually, many of those imaginable things were much more fearful that in reality. Therefore, the fear of unknown started to fade away after some time and turned into a curiosity (which, obviously, is much better than fear).

It took me just a few steps outside the comfort zone to notice my life and myself changing. Of course, my life became much more interesting since I started doing completely new things. But what made me super happy was the fact that I became more brave, confident, strong, curious, much happier and a bit cheeky.

Embracing the fear of an unknown, honestly speaking, wasn’t very easy but with every step outside my comfort zone, I noticed things changing. My life and my inner-self improved a lot and it was all for the better. I know how difficult it is to push yourself outside the comfort but it’s so worth it! I hope you’ve already embraced the fear of an unknown but if you haven’t – wait no longer and live the life you always dreamed of!

April 12, 2018