Droughts and Harvests of My Creative Mind

It’s the ninth text/post I’m writing in three days period. It is the harvest. And tomorrow might be a drought. Just like it was four days ago.

Being creative is wonderful but being creative on schedule is hard. And sometimes, I push myself to be creative even if there are no original or thrilling ideas on my mind. Okay, actually, I do this at work only, not when it comes to creating content for this blog or other channels of mine. That’s because it must be something created there, on schedule. But the thing is, being creative requires much more than just imagination and necessary tools (like laptop, pen and a piece of paper). 

Being creative is the best when inspiration comes itself. When a glance at a passing stranger is all you need to spark the flow of a creative mind. And one idea is never enough, many more always come too. This is my harvest. When I am able to enjoy the life of my creative self. That’s when I write texts, take pictures for the blog, imagine a bright (and creative) future and perform best at my day-time job (which is all about marketing = creativity). 

However, just like ups and downs are followed by each other, the same goes for droughts and harvests. The only difference is that, usually, droughts are considerably longer than the harvests. They’re never pleasant. And they’re inevitable. During those periods of lack of creative mind, no ideas seem good enough. Not because of self-doubt but because they lack passion. You can’t feel them within your heart. They seem fake, like a cheap plastic kitsch item which makes you question why it even exists. And the worst thing is, that quite often it feels like that drought will never end… Or end after many years, when it won’t be so necessary anymore. 

Living with all these changes of a creative mind is strange but it teaches to take the most of the harvests and find other ways to live during droughts. Being creative is a blast but being creative on your own all the time… Well, this is the dream! And for now, I’m still enjoying the harvest and hope it’ll stay a little bit longer with me.