Are We There Yet? About Dreams Coming True

There’re moments on late nights when I feel too tired to do anything but not so tired that I would go to sleep. This is when my dreams awaken and I put them on pieces of paper. “Am I there yet?” – this is the question we all need to ask ourselves more often instead of constantly making plans, at least I do.

What I Found..!

Honestly speaking, I write my “to-do” and “to-achieve” lists quite often, at least once in a couple weeks… I have so many of them that no wonder I simply get lost between all those bullet points! As I was going through my papers today, I found some of those lists that were written a while ago. One second I was quickly reading them and another I was marking most those things as “Done”. The feeling was incredible. I always want so many things it seems impossible to ever achieve them, especially when I can’t concentrate on just a couple of things but try to achieve them all at once.

After going through all those lists that I found, I understood that instead of constantly wanting for something I need to stop for a moment and ask myself “Am I there yet?”.

Live the Moment

We need to live in the present, not in the future or past. We need to understand that what we have now is what we once wanted and that we’re… living the dream! What if we all would understand this? I’m pretty sure we would be much happier and would enjoy our lives the way they are. We’re so lost because of chasing our dreams constantly but as some of those dreams become reality we don’t even notice it and want more. Life is quite miserable when we don’t appreciate what we have now. That’s why reality check is what we need from time to time.

I’m trying to live a more conscious life for a while now and it helps me a lot to appreciate what I have. I am doing my best to live the moment, to understand it and accept it the way it is. When I’m having a cup of tea, chatting with someone and exploring something, I want to be there not only physically but also mentally. I’m trying to simply let things be and enjoy them the way they are. It’s not easy and I still need to remind myself to get my mind to the moment but I see the results. Never before have I been so happy! However, I still have too many wishes but at least I finally notice when some of those dreams come true and enjoy it to the fullest.

Oh, I’m so glad if you already knew how important it is to stop for a moment and ask yourself “Am I there yet?” But if you’re just like me, I want you to remember this. This simple question, a reality check, will bring you many great feelings and you will enjoy your life much more! We’ll always have dreams and wishes but what’s the point of chasing them all your life? We need to appreciate what we have now and live the dream.