Don’t Let Fears Stop You

Recently I was thinking a lot about my own fears and fears in general. I wish I could say that I have none of them or just a few. But the reality is different. I have so many fears that I can feel them in my everyday life. They’re stopping me from doing what I want and, most importantly, they make me doubt myself. Now I consciously understand how fears stand in the way of living my dream life. If you think that your fears are stopping you too, continue reading.

The Silly Fears

So during the past couple weeks, I was trying to consciously observe the life I’m living and put extra attention to my behavior. It was simply because of my own personal challenge to live a conscious life. Well, what I noticed at the very beginning was that there are a lot of things I refuse to do only because of fear.

For you to understand it better – I have a wonderful dress hanging in my closet, sometimes I decide to wear it to work but when I need to dress up in the morning I let in fear that this dress is too fancy to wear at work (even though it’s not, maybe just a little bit) and end up with something more conservative instead. Also, there are many quite good ideas that I’d love to implement in my daily life or work but, again, I allow myself to doubt, then the fear that I’m not good enough comes in and all those ideas never come true. These are just a couple examples of my fears but there are way too many of them.

Let Them Stay Or Make a Change

What I understood during those few weeks of conscious living was that I face fears really often and, in most cases, I let them win. But letting them win now means that I’ll probably let them rule my whole life and that’s not something I’m keen on. To live the life of my dreams I need to stop those fears and follow my dreams no matter what, even when the voice in my head is telling that I’m not good enough and will fail eventually. So what if I’ll fail? At least I’ll be able to say that I tried.

Afterall, I made a decision. Also, a frightening one which makes me hear whispers that I’m gonna fail and won’t be able to eliminate fears from my life. But that doesn’t matter. I’m not going to waste the perks of my life only because of fear. I’ll make my dreams come true and turn my fears into strengths.

I hope you are stronger than me and already know how to live a fearless life. But if you feel that fears are stopping you as well, make a decision to change that. I’m going to start with a list of my silliest and most common fears (yup, I’m going to wear that lovely dress with pride and share joy around me). Then, I’ll move on to the deeper fears and won’t stop till I’ll be able to say that I live a life with no unreasonable fears.