Dare to say yes when you feel like it

What’s about the dare to say yes?

Do you remember the times when you were a kid who was afraid of nothing and was able to do everything you wished for? And by the time this kid grew up, life tough us to be careful and think well before doing anything. All this often leads to strong inner limitations that don‘t allow us to live the life we truly want. 

The worst thing about that is that those limitations most of the times are irrational. We are afraid that we won‘t be able to perform well enough, we‘re afraid of what other might think, we‘re afraid of wasting time (and sometimes money) for no reason, we‘re afraid to be judged… We‘re afraid of many things that, of course, can happen, but there‘s still a chance everything will be fine!

What can be done about that?

Well, we have to dare to say yes when we feel like it!

It was a while ago when I made a decision – to live a truly happy and joyful life. One of the ways how I’m implementing it into my daily life is by daring to say yes when I truly want something and feel like it is what I actually need.

Most of the times, it makes me go out of my comfort zone and therefore seems it so daring. For example, one of those times when I had to dare to say yes was when I dreamed about having a blog. It seemed like such a huge responsibility and commitment, especially when I’d have to open up about my private life, but at the end, I dared to start it and it was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. Another yet simple but daring decision I’ve made recently was to buy a gym membership for one year. I wasn’t training for quite some time, more than a year, and because of getting to work and back home by an electric scooter I was moving definitely not enough, and my body wasn’t feeling well so… after debating with myself whether sign for one active year or not, I dared to say yes. 

Each of us are different and each case is different but I believe we all need to learn to say yes when we truly want something. That feeling comes from within our hearts and we have trust them because that’s where the beauty of life comes from. Dare to say yes when you feel like and wonderful things will happen!