Correlatio​​n between the life quality & mindset

Have you noticed how your own mindset influences your life quality? Well, I did and was practicing this for a while now. Of course, life is life and it simply can’t be great all the time, it’s a constant flow with it’s ups and downs.

Some time ago, when I began to consciously notice the details of my daily life, I also noticed that I have more control of it than I thought. Before that, I used to take the ups and downs as they were. If I was stressed, then it could last for a couple of days or weeks, if I was sad, I saw many other cons of my daily life that made me feel even worse, and when I was happy, I enjoyed it, but my mind always reminded my that it won’t last long and another down time will come. I’m not a pessimist, if you wonder, just a melancholic realist (probably). However, that is true that even though I was happy often, I also felt not well quite frequently.

When I began to be more conscious, I noticed, that when I’m feeling good and happy, the knowledge of the downtime to come is exactly what makes it come. I could be happy one minute and then something triggering could happen. And if I let myself think that this is it, then it was it. So simple yet so harmful. However, I’m very glad I finally understood it because now it allows me to be in control.

What I do differently? I encourage myself to enjoy the ups to the fullest and then when something triggering happens, I consciously think is it worth my attention, all the worry and probably loosing all the good vibes that surround me. Of course, most of the time it’s not worth it. And even when it’s something serious, I learned to deal with it differently – by being calm, taking things as they are without exaggeration and thinking that it’s just one bad thing in the sea of good ones.

And all that change is because of the mindset. Concentrating on the positive side of life and putting efforts to keep it good as long as possible. Wanting life to be pleasant, seeing good whenever possible and dealing with problems smoothly is what makes us feel good in the long term. Well, and that’s what makes life high quality.

If you’re not practicing conscious mindset yet and would like to improve your life quality, try this! Try to be conscious and in control of your reactions and thoughts, keep them positive and you will see how your life will become brighter and more joyful than ever!

April 28, 2019