Charms of January

There’re so many little details in life that make us happy that I decided to start a new thread dedicated to those lovely charms. This January I was surrounded by charms of…

Movie “Hidden Figures

It’s a wonderful movie about three American-African women working at NASA. Their lives were far from easy but by following their passion and being a bit naughty they made their dreams come true. Great movie for everyone who needs some motivation and self-belief!

Book by Erich Maria Remarque “Three Comrades”

After a long time, I decided to read a fiction book again and it happened to be the “Three Comrades”. This was one of the most entertaining books I’ve ever read! Even though the story is about three fellows and their lives after World War I, the story is full of irony and positive energy.


Movie “The Last Word”

I’m a big fan of Amanda Seyfried but somehow I haven’t seen the movie “The Last Word” before. This January I was needed the motivation to follow my dreams more than ever, probably because there’s so much I want to do and time passes so fast. However, this movie was exactly what I needed! An inspiring story proving that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and everything is possible.

Few Days by the Sea

Last weekend was the first time I was by the sea during winter and it was marvelous! We felt the greatness of nature with all those winds, restless sea and the quickly changing weather. But most of all I enjoyed the digital detox and quality time with my love.

Meat Lovers in Klaipeda

While we were by the sea, we also visited Klaipeda and had a dinner at the Meat Lovers. Oh boy, this place is extraordinary! We had a table by the Curonian lagoon, I mean, we sat inside by the window and just around in two meters in front of us was ferries’ berth. We watched the ships and ferries floating and enjoyed our delicious burgers.

Heavenly Cakes from Tortine by Ciop Ciop in Vilnius

I already wrote a post about the delicious cakes of Tortine by Ciop Ciop in Vilnius but I just can’t forget those cakes! This place truly was one of the charms I was surrounded by on January.

Sounds of Al Bairre

Once I’ve heard the song “Caviar Dreams”, I couldn’t stop listening to the whole Al Bairre playlist. I love the way those songs sound, the music itself and the words too. It’s hard to find the right words to describe the music so just open Spotify or Youtube and play “Caviar Dreams”!

What charms were you surrounded by this January?