Books and Blankets

What I love about Autumn are those cloudy, windy and a bit rainy Sundays when I can stay at home without feeling guilty and enjoy the coziness. Despite it’s England and it should be raining most of the days, almost all Summer weekends were pretty nice and I just couldn’t let myself to stay at home, I wanted to go to the parks, to ride bikes, to enjoy the nature and perfect weather, I wanted to take it all. But at the same time, it can be devastating so it was time for me to spend some time at home.

Getting up at noon is wonderful when you don’t have to hurry anywhere because you’re about to spend all day at home without any particular plan. The only thing I knew was that I’m not going to work today and will do things teen girls write on their to-do lists:

– have cacao with a boy you like,

– read a book,

– spend a rainy afternoon in a blanket,

– watch a movie with the boy you like and so on.

These lists are sooo different from the ones I make every day and they sound incredibly cheesy but, you know what? I think we all need those cheesy moments from time to time!

Therefore, I made delicious cacao drinks for me and my love and (hurray!) I managed to avoid a kitchen cleaning after milk explosion because I saw the milk boiling right before it was about to spill over the pot. Every time I’m making cocoa drinks, I remember those magical evenings when my grandmother and grand-grandmother used to light a fire place in the living room, made me best ever cocoa drinks and told me fairy tales. I miss these moments so much but at least a cocoa reminds me of them.

Speaking of those pretty to-do lists, a task to read a book is quite often in them. Since book reading is one of my self-development goals this September, sure I read a book! A novel Silva Rerum by a splendid Lithuanian writer Kristina Sabaliauskaite was the one that I read. Every sentence in this book is so well thought, every word is chosen because of a reason, the plot lines and the way she writes… Everything is mesmerizing. Even though the story isn’t beautiful because it’s mostly about the dark side of a real life, it’s still compelling and I love it.

Did I spend an afternoon in a blanket? Oh yes, I truly did! But before that, I baked a tasty apple pie, made hot cocoa, then snuggled in a blanket and read Silva Rerum. It was so cozy and I enjoyed every second of it! What about movies? I’m going to prepare dinner and make some popcorns cause we’re about to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

Hope you had an awesome weekend as well!

September 12, 2017


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    September 12, 2017

    I am very jealous of your apple pie and hot cocoa right now! Sounds like you are so ready for Autumn – I love it! My favourite season, everything about it makes me happy! xx

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      September 13, 2017

      Oh, I love Autumn as well! And those teas and pies are the perks of it!