Back in Town + Brunch at Kablys

I was waiting for this weekend like a kid is waiting for a tooth fairy because it was going to be one of the best weekends for a while! My love and I were coming back to Vilnius to see our parents and I had to meet my girls on Sunday so I was super excited about this weekend!

Surprise Surprise!

On Saturday we slept until noon because a long day of packing and traveling was waiting for us. When we got up, we had three hours to have a shower, pack our stuff and have some snacks before the journey. Somehow we managed to do everything on time and the moment we finished packing we had to leave. I was super excited all the time and couldn’t wait to see the reaction on my parents’ faces! My parents haven’t seen me for more than three months and I knew they missed me so when my love suggested come back to Lithuania for a week I agreed enthusiastically. Besides, neither of us have told parents we were coming so it was supposed to be a surprise for them! Our plane landed in Vilnius at midnight so when my sister brought us home my parents were already sleeping. When I woke them up they thought they were dreaming. It was the best surprise I’ve ever done! They were incredibly happy to see us after so much time!

Brunch Time

On Sunday I had to meet my girls for a brunch. It was only the second time this year when we were all together so it was marvellous to be together again. Mimosas, never-ending delicious food and cosy atmosphere were all we needed. It was marvellous to talk about our summer adventures, future plans and enjoy the time together. Besides, we found probably the best place for brunching in Vilnius. A rustic space where once was a theatre now is remade into a chic bar and a lounge. It’s definitely my favourite place for brunch in Vilnius right now!

Despite the fact that I spent half of the weekend packing and travelling to Vilnius, the other half was splendid! Can’t wait for the following week, many old friends will be met and lovely places will be visited!

September 14, 2017
October 4, 2017