Autumn Thoughts

It looks like the summer just started but now it’s time to welcome Autumn. Time flies! I’m not gonna say how sad I am it’s the last day of the summer because this summer was pretty awesome and I’m super excited to meet the new challenges the Autumn has for me and I’ve got some challenges for myself as well!

Right now I feel more passionate than ever about sharing my entrepreneurship tips with you, guys, and self-development. I’ve set five goals to reach this autumn:

1. Read two books per month – one fiction and one non-fiction
I used to read a lot of books but lately, all I was reading was studies, marketing and business related. Too much non-fiction books can be dangerous because I’ve lost my enthusiasm for reading even though I want to read those books and improve my skill-set. That’s why I want to add some fiction books to my reading list, I hope that they’ll allow me to enjoy reading as much as I did a while ago and help me stay creative.

2. Go to entrepreneurship events twice per month
In one of my recent posts, I’ve written how important it is to meet new people and network so I want to make it a habit for myself as well. There are a lot of various events for entrepreneurs and creatives going on in London so it’s more than possible to go to two events without feeling the pressure of networking.

3. Improve the quality of blog posts
The purpose of me writing this blog is to inspire you to start your own business and share my experience and tips in order for you to succeed from the beginning. That’s why I’m going to dedicate even more time for this blog and create posts that you would not only enjoy reading but would actually start your own enterprise.

4. Learn a new recipe every week
Well, this one should make my boyfriend happy, because I wasn’t experimenting much in the kitchen lately and wasn’t looking for new tastes and recipes. I strongly believe that enjoying food is pretty important in our lives, at least tasty food definitely makes me happy, so I’ll do my best to find a new recipe each week this autumn and make it!

5. Do jogging at least two times a week
If you would ask me, how many times have I promised myself to do jogging, I would tell you that it was probably on every to-do list I’ve ever had. Sadly, it’s quite difficult for me to enjoy jogging and I always find a way to skip it and that’s why it hasn’t become a part of my weekly routine. Though I still want to make myself to go jogging a few times per week so let’s try once again!

September 3, 2017