Always late Motivation

It’s the middle of the night. Almost. 23:03 to be precise.

And it’s the time of the day (or is it night yet?) when I get motivated.

Frankly speaking, motivation was one of my biggest struggles lately.

For a completely UNunderstandable reason, I can’t get myself done much during the day.

It’s only when the sun sets down, I do something relaxing to get myself into sleeping mode…

That’s the scene I imagine in my head, like, people dressed in fancy clothes, as if in some Jane Austin book’s balls. And it’s late, very late, people are tired, laying on pink couches with golden details or something like that, with all the makeup ruined, glasses empty, and some of them are already dreaming. And voila! the doors open and the motivation comes in. And it’s like “the party is over, we’ve waited for you all day and you’re showing up only now”? And Motivation is like c’mon guys, don’t be lazy, the night is only beginning!

So yeah… That’s pretty much is happening right now. Motivation woken up Inspiration and they’re making my mind go crazy.

But what I can’t stop thinking about is Why? Why our minds are working like that?

Why me, having a very clear monthly goals aka. tasks list of my own (not job or studies related) is not enough for me to get working on it? Besides, I have to mention, that it’s not only that I make this monthly list and get back to it once the new month is about to start. Nah. Each Monday I choose the tasks that I’m going to do this week. And each morning I choose the tasks for that day. Then, I work on it for an hour or two and bam. I’m done. I’m tired, fed up, distracted, gotta call someone, you know, all the kinds of things happen…

But does it have to be this way? Why I can’t keep on working on the things that truly matter and mean the world to me?

And why does the Motivation almost always come when the party is over?

Ah… So many unanswered questions. Guess I’ll have to get the shower again (the one I wrote about in the previous post).

Anyway, if you know how to deal with this “always late Motivation” thing, please let me know, right now I need it more than ever. Oh and how to let me know that – DM on Instagram would be the best (cause comments after posts are turned off thanks to all the spammers).

Okay, good night and may your Motivation always be on time!

March 31, 2020