About My Modern “Copywriting” Machine

Probably since the day I first saw a traditional copywriting machine, I wished to have one. And when I saw Peggy Olson on “Mad Men” typing incredible texts with it, I imagined what a great feeling it should be to press the keys and see the letters being pressed on the paper. But it’s not the traditional copywriting machine I wanted to tell you about, it’s my modern copywriting machine.

The modern copywriting machine is essentially not much different from the traditional one: there’re all the keys with letters and there’s a page on which the text is being written. But all the other details a different. My copywriting machine is much lower, only in one centimeters high from a table top, therefore, it’s way more comfortable for my hands and I can keep on writing for hours and for days without having to feel pain in my wrists or shoulders. Also, even that one centimeter is going up in a very convenient angle, so that the arms can feel super handily.

Besides, another great thing about the modern copywriting machine is that there’s no need to use the handle every time it’s necessary to go to the next line – it’s all automated! Also, all the mistakes can be corrected easily and even the copywriting machine itself tells me what needs to be corrected. Oh, and the page is infinite! How great is that!

Okay okay, of course I’m telling you about my beloved MacBook Air… The best modern copywriting machine! It’s such a pleasure to play all over its keyboard and let my thoughts flow easily. No other laptop, pc, notebook, tablet or any other gadget is as convenient for writing like this one. Every post I write is also full of my inner excitement of the great feeling my fingertips experience. Oh, and if you think this joy and pleasure of using the keyboard will fade away with time and will become ordinary, I doubt that. It’s been four years since I began using this laptop and I enjoyed it ever since.

Thank you, my wonderful modern copywriting machine, for making writing such a pleasure.

February 24, 2019