A Question to Ask: Is This the True Me?

When was the last time you asked yourself this question? Is this the true me? 

Lost In the Flow

Living in a fast-paced world, we’re always on a rush, always hurrying, wanting and needing to do more, not stopping often enough. Even when we want to slow down, we usually don’t have time for this. But is this the reason why we should spend our lives not being sure if we are our true selves?

Besides, I’m pretty sure you often hear others telling you what to do, and I’ve in mind not your tasks at work, but about your decisions in life. When it comes to such important decisions where to study, what job to choose, following your passion or doing anything else, others are telling you what’s best. In such cases, it’s easy to make a decision that’s not exactly for you and little by little you become loosing your true self.

Even though it’s obvious, we must remind ourselves that only one life is given to us. We can spend it comfortably going with the flow or face the challenges and be our true selves, living a life full of joy.

Finding Yourself

If you choose the life of your dreams and want to be your true self, you still can do that. 

First of all, slow down at least a little bit. Take some time for yourself and think – is the way I’m living my life now is making me actually happy and leads me to the state of mind I want to be? Or is it simply comfortable but leads me nowhere closer to where I want to be?

Your answers must be sincere and honest. Write down what specifically is good in your life and what is just a struggle. Then write down what is it that your true self wants, what can be improved in your life to make it more pleasant. 

Then, it’s time for actions. Step by step, change your life. Eliminate those things that don’t lead you to your dreams and change them into the ones that bring you happiness.

 If you could ask yourself these questions at least once a month, it definitely would help you to be your true self and live the life of yours, not others.

Besides, you also should slow down and spend more time enjoying life and taking care of yourself. And of course, don’t follow blindly what others tell you, listen to your hear and follow it. This will ensure you will be your true self.